Cover (final) (landscape)

Texas couple Cameron Harrison and Carrie Fields are taking a much needed weekend getaway to New Orleans. But while driving in rural Louisiana, Cameron sees a flash of light and swerves, waking Carrie. They notice that their environment has changed—a faint cloud distorts the empty road, the clocks blink “00:00,” and their cell phones lose reception.

For miles, they do not see any other cars, animals, or people. With no way to flag anyone for help, they know they’re on their own. Just when they think they’ve found salvation, their experiences splinter. Carrie hears sounds that Cameron cannot hear. Cameron sees things that Carrie cannot see.

As Cameron and Carrie wander through the unfamiliar landscape, they are hunted by their biggest regrets.  They must come to grips with who they were if they are to escape their pasts and survive the present.

FATE’S PAST is a supernatural horror novel by Jason Huebinger.